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Create an Improvement Plan for your computer


It is important for you to have a plan describing what you would like to do to the computer.

Recognizing that what you are setting out to do is a new experience, and that it may not turn out exactly as you intend at the start, it is important that you have some sense of what you are aiming to do with this computer.


This document should be written in word, and should be printed for your paper portfolio of the project. When you have it complete, print it and hand it in.


What is the computer originally?

Include hardware and software specifics. List the known capacities of hard drives, RAM, available slots on the motherboard, and more.

What will you replace?

Based on what you know the computer is, what do you definitely want to change out and replace.

What will you update?

Sometimes, things just need a bit of improvement. What could use a bit more, without having to replace it completely?

What will you leave the same?

On many computers, there are plenty of things that don't really need to be changed. What are the things on your computer that you don't think you will need to change out? What is too good to replace?


This is a group product, but each individual can and should have some input in the document's creation. You can share the writing by using Google Docs and each person can edit the document, even at the same time. You can set this up with a gmail or google account.


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