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Network card

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The network card is often called the NIC or Network Interface Controller

The NIC helps connect each computer or device to the other parts of the network.

All network devices have a MAC address, a unique number that identifies it.

Network hardware also has a IP Address or Internet Protocol Address.

You can change the IP address through the control panel for the device.

Devices on the local network cannot have the same IP address, or the network won't work correctly.

Routers help connect multiple computers or devices like printers to each other.

LANs or Local Area Network is a group of locally connected computers.

Over a LAN, computers can share information fast with each other.

You can share files and software connections through the LAN

WANs or Wide Area Network is a group of computers connected over a distance

Over a WAN, computers share information more slowly with each other. 

LANS can be connected with other LANs over a WAN.

Network cables have 4 pairs of wires.

The wires have colored insulators and are in twisted pairs.

You can make your own cable with the proper fittings, cable and tools.

You can make a crossover cable that will allow you to connect two computers directly.

WIFI is a way to set up a Wireles LAN.

There are transmitters built into wireless routers.

If your computer does not have a WIFI card built in, you can add one to work over PCI or USB.

The most common WIFI hardware is 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11n

B is the oldest, G more recent and N most recent.

N adaptors are backwards compatible with G and B routers.

Some cities are experimenting with free municipal wifi.



Written assignment:

Write at least 3 paragraphs of at least 6 sentences to demonstrate your understanding of this topic. Use your own words, and do not copy any text from any online sources. You should provide links to web pages that have been helpful in understanding this system. Place the text on your Ning blog and print a copy to hand in. You can include photos in your post. Print this and hand it in with your notes from researching the subject.











Ethernet search on Hackaday - http://hackaday.com/?s=ethernet





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