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Random Access Memory

This provides the bulk of the working memory for the computer

The operating system is loaded into RAM at startup.

When you start an application or open a document, the software loads into the RAM.

The hard drive or a flash drive can be used to boost the working memory through "Virtual Memory" or Disk Cache" settings.

RAM holds no long term memory. Anything that is in the RAM as the computer runs is cleared when the computer turns off.

Data is stored and retrieved dynamically during use.

RAM  is static sensitive.

RAM is measured currently in Gigabytes, but older RAM came as bytes, kilobytes and megabytes.

Early computers were very limited in the amount of RAM or memory available to computer programmers

The motherboard has slots on it that will only accept certain types of RAM.

Some types of RAM include DDR, DDR2, SDRAM,

Laptop memory is smaller in physical size than desktop memory.

You can find out what type of RAM your computer will need by looking up the model number of the mother board.

Upgrading RAM is a quick easy way of improving a computer's performance.

Higher capacity RAM is more expensive.

Some RAM sticks have aluminum heat sinks on them to help keep them cool as electricity flows through them.

Some common brands of RAM include Ultra, Kingston and Crucial. Their websites have tools to help you choose the right product.

If you have lots of windows open, many applications running and are watching a movie while you listen to music and play a game, you will be using lots of memory.

Graphics heavy video games use up lots of RAM and if you don't have enough, will cause lag and sketchy behavior. 



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