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Parts of a computer: Motherboards

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The motherboard is a circuitboard that connects all of the components on the computer.

Motherboards are static sensitive, so you should be careful of this when working on or touching the motherboard.

There is a socket on the board for the processer chip.

There are sockets for the RAM.

The design of the motherboard can limit how much RAM the board will accept.

Only certain processer chips will fit into the motherboard.

Devices are connected to the Motherboard with IDE, SATA or USB cables.

There will be slots on the board for adding cards.

Many motherboards these days have built in ports for the monitor, keyboard, mouse, USB, sound and network.

You can add newer ports in the form of cards if you want more performance in an area.

Laptop motherboards are much more compact, and may not be interchangeable between brands of laptops.

Desktop motherboards can be of several sizes or form factors, and may be interchangeable between cases.

There are often cooling fins and heat sinks on chips that heat up.

Heat control is an issue that can affect the performance of the computer.

The motherboard gets its electricity from the power supply.

When the computer is not powered up, there is a battery on the board to hold the settings for the BIOS.

The BIOS battery is usually 3 volts, and is rechargeable. Removing the battery will erase the settings on the BIOS

If you have a problem with your computer, the speaker on the motherboard will sometimes beep a pattern. You can tell what is wrong with the computer by interpreting the beeps.

On some computers, there is an operating system flashed onto a chip on the motherboard. If you reset the operating system at startup, it will pull the OS from the chip.



Written assignment:

Write at least 3 paragraphs of at least 6 sentences to demonstrate your understanding of this topic. Use your own words, and do not copy any text from any online sources. You should provide links to web pages that have been helpful in understanding this system. Place the text on your Ning blog and print a copy to hand in. You can include photos in your post. Print this and hand it in with your notes from researching the subject.


Here are some links:


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