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Parts OperatingSystems

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Operating Systems - Discussion points

The operating system is a software package that coordinates all of the parts of the computer and provides a way for the user to access all of the data and systems on the computer. The operating system is usually stored on the hard drive, but can also be on removable media such as optical drive, flash drive, floppy disk or on the network. The settings in the BIOS tells the computer where to look for the operating system. The System Registry is a collection of settings that control each individual aspect of the computer OS. Virus protection software can remove software that exploits aspects of the OS and can cause your computer to run improperly.


Microsoft's first major product was the MS-DOS operating system, a way of helping connect users of computers to the resources on their personal computers.  Windows is a GUI system, and is produced by MicroSoft. Windows 3.1 was very popular in the early 1990's, Subsequent editions include Windows 95, and 98, Windows XP and Vista, which was rebranded Windows 7.


GUI Graphical User Interface GUI systems allow you see the information on the computer in a collection of pictures or graphics that represent the parts of the system. The first well known GUI was the MacIntosh, which was announced in 1984. The superbowl ad in 1984 was a significant cultural moment in GUI computing. From the beginning, MacIntosh system included screen based fonts and typography which dramatically changed the graphic design and page layout industry. Early macs had sound, networking and mouse based control.


Linux is an open source operating system that was developed as an alternative to the UNIX system that was used on institutional computers. Linus Torvalds developed the Linux kernel as a student in Finland. There are many versions of Linux, the most commonly known is Ubuntu.

Written assignment

As we discuss operating systems, take notes on the conversation.  Make note of significant facts about Operating Systems. Note the historical significance of the systems we discuss. After our discussion, write a blog post about operating systems.

Hand in a print of your blog post and a copy of your notes at the end of the period. If you do not complete the written portion, you can hand it in a s a homework assignment at the start of the next period.

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