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Parts of a Computer

In our discussion about this system/component, you will use this sheet to take notes on the ideas and facts that come up. When you sit down to write about this area of the computer. At the end of the period, hand this sheet in with your blog post.


What is the system/component?


Questions to keep in mind for your blog post:

  • What is this technology?
  • What is the history of this technology?
  • Where and how was it developed?
  • How is it made/manufactured?
  • What should you consider when using/handling/servicing?
  • What should you consider when buying or choosing one of these?
  • What are the variations on design of this technology?



History/technical development  of the system/component










How does this system/component fit in to the larger context of the computer?










Write a question that could appear on a test or quiz about this system/component.:



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