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Run a machine with ubuntu. Try to get it to operate as good as possible. This machine is already a dual boot box with xp and 7.04 Feisty.

Progress notes, most recent first


Gutsy seems happy. Don't know why it wouldn't take with the live cd. I am still surprised that it didn't make me restart to take full effect. I am downloading the java Software Developer's kit (SDK), will install it, then move back over to xp for a little while. It isn't recognizing my usb flash drive, but I can put files on the external drive, then access them when I restart in windows land. I haven't gotten to the upgrades on the links for 11-23.


Gutsy runs pretty well on this machine, better than the one at school took the upgrade.



Dual boot seems to be complete with gutsy running the linux side. At first there was a lot of screen lag, but I killed off a bunch of the open windows. I don't think I restarted the machine, it just evolved into being a gutsy machine. Now I would like to customize it and see if I can get it to look more like a mac box. Gotta find that link and try it out.


Here are the links to make it behave better through customizations




antivirus - http://www.howtoforge.com/avg_antivirus_ubuntu_feisty




Tried to get the live cd to work


Had to change the boot order.

When I was in there, it showed that the usb is part of the boot order. How possible would it be to put the os on a thumb drive and do the operation from there? Making cd's to boot from is a pain and a waste of materials.


Computer would not boot off of the live cd with gutsy on it.

It gave a weird screen with lots of colors. Not the screensaver kind. Bad stuff. When I tried it a while later, it was still looking ugly. Instead I decided to skip the whole cd thing and just do it through the System/Administration/Update manager There is a button 0n the update manager telling that there is a new os update. Click. A few progress links and the deed is done. It took a few hours for the process to complete.



Loaded Abi Word onto the machine on the xp side. Backed up the junk on the desktop on the ubuntu side. Poked around the live cd to see what is on there. There are more applications there than show up on the browser. Lots of files that I don't understand or know what they do.

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