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PartsOfaComputer / ComputerComponents / ComputerComponentsDisplay

In this project, we will work in pairs to research the parts of a computer. This will create a collection of experts in the class. As we work on the computers, there will be resources in the room to turn to for information on ideas and challenges.


The initial product will be a website in which you explain what you have found about the topic. You will make a presentation to the class about the topic.


  • Pick a partner.
  • Check the list, choose three possible topics.
  • Make a page on your wiki called PartsOfaComputer
  • print the page and bring it to Mr. Connors
  • One of the topics will be selected
  • Begin research on the topic



Topics in Computer repair

Operating System

RAM Random Access Memory ddr ddr2 pc100

Boolean logic

Charles Babbage

Linus Torvalds

Bill Gates

Jon Von Neumann

Steve Jobs

Hard Drive

Graphics Card

Cooling systems

Physics Card


Mother Board

CD Drive


DVD Drive, optical drive

Processor - CPU

Flash memory

Zip Drive


Network Card

Wireless Network

Local Area Network

Fire Wire









CISC Complex Instruction Set Computer

RISC Reduced Instruction Set Computer

Power Supply


hardware Drivers

software, open source and corporate controlled




Search Storage Flash Memory - http://searchstorage.techtarget.com/sDefinition/0,,sid5_gci212130,00.html

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