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  • Mr. Hagan and Mr. Riley have agreed to look at the panels in the library. Other teachers and people who know about computers will also be looking at the panels.
  1. Mr. Hagan and Mr. Riley will let us know what they see and think.
  2. If your panels have any huge problems, you will be expected to remedy them as soon as possible.
  3. The panels will probably remain up until the end of term.
  • We will need to set up a wiki to comile all the information gathered in this process.
  1. If you are interested in setting up a wiki, speak with Mr. Connors.
  2. Each member of the class would need a unique login
  3. The groups currently on the various parts of the computer would put their work up
  4. Other people in the class can contribute to your or other peoples projects.



  • Hand back of Weekly Update and presentation notes
  • Check the accuracy of the panels, revise as needed
  1. Read through the panels
  2. Choose two to comment on
  3. Make a document on your wiki called PartsPanelReview
  4. Offer suggestions for improvement in content
  5. Let them know about any information that was new to you
  6. Print two copies, one to hand in, one to give to the person who did the panel


  • Get the panels ready for delivery
  1. Fix any major inaccuracies found in the previous item
  2. Make them so that two panels can stand like a sandwichboard
  3. The counters they will be on are 18", so make yours so that it stands 16" at the bottom.
  • Deliver the panels
  • Update your wiki with revised info from above


Legacy of the Parts of a computer project

  1. We have collected and presented a bunch of info on the parts of a computer
  2. As you find more info on your subject, update your wiki
  3. We need a class based wiki that we can all edit, kind of like Wikipedia
  4. Any help on creating this wiki would be appreciated and rewarded with extra credit



  • Hand in your Weekly Update at the start of the period. This is not an in class assignment
  • Watch the Mythbusters video
  • Hand in the questions at the end of the period
  • If you did not hand in your printout of your wiki, you should hand it in at the start of the period.
  • No PartsofaComputer projects this period


  • Update your wiki with responses to questions generated through the presentation process.
  • Make a list of at least two or three questions generated from the presentation process.
  • Make a print of your online documentation Follow these requirements:
  1. Make one single print of your documentation
  2. Label the top of the page with your first names and last initial
  3. Print the document two pages per sheet (if you don't know how to do this, ask before you print)
  • Begin work on your physical display Below is a start on the criteria
  1. Your audience will be members of the school community. It may be displayed in the library or some other publicly accessible location
  2. Only words you personally wrote should be included in your display
  3. You need to add links to the display, but they need to be simple enough to follow
  4. Include a link to your wiki



  • complete the presentations
  • Update your wiki with new information needed as a result of the presentations
  • Start on the displays



  • In class, we will be having a series of presentations by the groups
  • Presentations should be about 5 minutes in length
  • Each group will need to use this presentation explain what they have found and to gather more questions to put into their online documentation and their physical presentation.
  • One question every group needs to consider is "How do you buy or select this device?"
  • Still missing some names from the class list. Send the email if you aren't there.





  • make sure you are hitting the questions listed below.
  • If you need to see the parts that you are working with, let your teacher know
  • Save links to pages that have good information
  • DO NOT COPY INFORMATION FROM OTHER WEBSITES! Write your own words and make links.



  • Send a link to your wiki to duxtech@gmail.com
  • Gather information about your topic and park the info on a wiki of your own control.
  • The information you gather about your topic needs to be useful to you and your classmates.
  • When you log in to the wiki, don't put your email address or your last name.
  • When we have enough information, we will conduct presentations and make displays
  • We need to create a wiki for class use. See BuildRepairWiki for some criteria

Stuff to include:

DO Not Copy text from the websites you find. Make a link to the site and summarize the information you find there. This is not a space filling project, it is a way for you to create something useful.

  • How does it work?
  • Why does it work?
  • Some history of the kind of device.
  • How do you trouble shoot problems with it.
  • What you should be aware of when you are working with this device.
  • Links to resources that will help others to learn about this device.


We will gather the information that you find and build our own knowledge base for use by students in this class now and in the future.


Monitor - BenW MikeD

Sound Card, speaker systems - AndrewO JoeW

Computer Case - Andrew G Timmy K

Pysics Card - Chriswes and James H

Hard Drive - Chad C and Mike W

Cd Drive - Alex M and Steve R

Graphics Card - Jeremiah H and Cam L

Mouse - Robin R and Gretchen U

Floppy disk, disk drive - Jamie M and Zack G

Cooling - cody C and Mike D

Motherboard - Steve L and Nick S

RAM - Matt H TJ P




Operating System


Hard Drive

Graphics Card


Physics Card


Mother Board

CD Drive


DVD Drive

Floppy Drive


Flash Drive

Zip Drive


Network Card

Wireless Network

Local Area Network

Fire Wire




Power Supply


hardware Drivers

software, open source and corporate controlled


Pick a partner

choose 3 best topics

send email to duxtech at gmail.com with the group names and 3 suggested topics

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