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PartsOfaComputer topics

Leo C and mike G - Mouse - http://leocbr.pbwiki.com/comp-mouse

Tom S and Alex T - RFID

Alec M and Brendan M - Keyboard

Brett S and John s - LAN, networking

Ryan P - Cooling

Max C and Mickey Z - Graphics Card - http://maxcbarc.pbwiki.com/Graphics-Card

Matt H and Brett H - USB

James M and Chris M - Optical Drive

Adam S and Corey C - CPU - http://coreycbarc.pbwiki.com/CentralProcessingUnit

Jon N and Tucker C - power supply

Will R - Random Access Memory

Tarek E - hard drive - http://tarekebarc.pbwiki.com/Hard-Drive

Mike M - flash memory

Kevin S - Operating system





Corey C - http://coreycbarc.pbwiki.com/

Leo C - http://leocbr.pbwiki.com/

Max C - http://maxcbarc.pbwiki.com/

Tucker C - http://tuckercbarc.pbwiki.com/

Tarek E - http://tarekebarc.pbwiki.com/

Mike G - http://mikegbarc.pbwiki.com/

Matt H - http://matthbrc.pbwiki.com/

Brett H - http://bretthbrc.pbwiki.com/

James M - http://jamesmbarc.pbwiki.com/

Alec M - http://alecmbarc.pbwiki.com/

Brendan M - http://brendanmbarc.pbwiki.com/

Brayden M - http://braydenm.pbwiki.com/

Mike M - http://mikembarc.pbwiki.com/

Jon N - http://jonathannbarc.pbwiki.com/

Ryan P - http://ryanpbarc.pbwiki.com/

Will R - http://willrbarc.pbwiki.com/

Bret S - http://bretsbarc.pbwiki.com/

Adam S - http://adamsa.pbwiki.com/

John S - http://johnsh.pbwiki.com/

Tom S - http://tomsbandr.pbwiki.com/

Kevin S - http://kevinsbar.pbwiki.com/

Alex T - http://alextbarc.pbwiki.com/

Makar Z -http://makarzbarc.pbwiki.com/

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