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We are looking for a good high school project for these dead or nearly dead machines. Any suggestions?


The course will be called "Building and Repairing Computers" and it will run for a semester, either in the fall or the spring of the 06-07 school year.


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shygantic says:


My vote is for setting up a linux cluster.


You could have the class overhaul each computer and make sure everything works with a Linux live cd. Then you could plug it into your cluster and use something like ParallelKnoppix for clustering. Using a live cd will keep the class entirely focused on hardware and not installing and setting up operating systems. Using linux will also get you out of having to pay for a Windows license on each computer.

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mckgyver64 says:


I second that. I would suggest a live cd such as dynebolic for a starter, because it has every open source media editing program necessary to do cool stuff (photos, music, video, programing) not to mention that its included video editer cinleria is designed to search out other nodes to to parallel computing, this would provide you with an easy starter to go deeper with other paralleling stuff such as ParallelKnoppix. Also, worst case senerio, (if you dont want to do more clustering) you have a bunch of working computers with everything pre installed!. here is a link to some live clustering cds www.frozentech.com/content/livecd.php?pick=All&sort=&...

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