Run a machnie with ubuntu. Try to get it to operate as good as possible. This machine is alread a dual boot box with xp and 7.04 Feisty.



At this time there is only one computer in the house working off a direct connection to the internet. I would like to use a wireless or wired router to get internet connectivity in other parts of the house. In particular, the kitchen area, one floor below the current setup, and the basement two floors below.



The current printer is not working properly and cannot print more than one page at a time. If I load more sheets in the feeder, it takes the whole stack and jams. The printer is a hp laserject 1100. It has been pretty good, but the repair I did to fix the paper handling has not taken. I have since come into a hp 4050 found on a loading dock. That printer seems to work fine, it had a duplexing unit in it, but that was jammed. When I took the duplexer out it worked fine.