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Building and Repairing Computers

ComputerComponents - PartsOfaComputer


For this project you will work with a partner to choose two computer hardware components and explain what they are, how they work, the history of their development and common problems and solutions.


The product you will create will be informative material that helps you, your classmates and members of the school community understand the workings of the computer.


The information resources you will use for this project will be information that you currently know, books on the topic, internet sites, and people around you.



Web based: A series of web pages that concisely explain the answers below. The web documentation should be saved on either a wiki or in a blog. Each partner should take parts of the project and link to the other's work.


Class presentation: Each group will present to the class the information they find about the part of the computer they are working on.


Display: Using the information that you have gathered, combine pictures, text and physical objects to make a display for viewing in the school community. This display will be designed so that the rest of the school can better understand how their computer works. There are cardboard display tri folds that you can use to give the display some form.



What is it?

What does it do?

How does it work?

Where are they manufactured/made/developed?

What is the timeline of its development?

How is it controlled?

What are the common problems for it?

What are common solutions for the problems?

What are examples for the devices?

Where is there more information on this topic?

How do you go about buying choosing or buying this device/system?

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