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  1. Each student will get a daily effort grade
  2. The current project is exploration in Linux
  3. You should be poking around in different places exploring the operating system
  4. Both partners should be participating
  5. both partners should be communicating
  6. The group should create notes for updating the wikis
  7. The group does not need to spend more time building technique in games
  8. Your group should not have to do physical changes on the computer


80P3 - Ubuntu

  1. What can run in ubuntu
  2. What features can be added to the computer?
  3. What do we need to network the computers together?
  4. Have you loaded ubuntu to a machine at home?
  5. What software will run on ubuntu?
  6. What is open source software?
  7. What are the open source substitutes for the work you might do?
  8. What are the available games for linux?
  9. How can you get programs onto these computers?
  10. what are the utilities you might want?
  11. What is apt-get?
  12. what is dsl and how can you use it?

80p3 initial run

label your computer with your names


  1. what os?
  2. What processor
  3. What ram
  4. how do you get into the bios
  5. what do you see in the bios?
  6. what options does the computer have?
  7. what startup devices?
  8. what security is evident
  9. what else do you see in the bios?
  10. what else do you see about the computer?

Wooden computer/80 pentium III

  1. this a partner project
  2. there will be some individual grades
  3. each person will need to keep your own project documentation
  4. What parts will you need?
  5. how do you get the computer to recognize an install disk?
  6. Store your parts in a locker with a lock


80p3 documentation

  1. each person needs to keep documentation on the project
  2. put a link to their 80p3 documentation on the front page
  3. open the link, start the new page
  4. create a link to your partner's documentation
  5. create a dated entry for each day you work on the project
  6. you will need a links section for information you have found online

Create a link to your partner's documentation:

Spring 2007 project participants



Links section


Daily record:


Problems and solutions:


In November of 2006, a member of the community offered a line on 600 Pentium II and III computers. We settled on 80 Pentium IIIs. These machines should be able to run xp and do some other good stuff. The Building and Repairing Computers class will have at them and do some good work. When the machines are up and running, some of them may stay in the school, but mostly they will leave to outside assignments.


What would you do with 80 Pentium IIIs?

You might also be interested in the 50Imacs project

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